Trail Segment #1: Albany/Sasser Trail to Riverfront Trail

For years, the railroad corridor from Albany to Sasser was utilized to transport
goods to the City of Albany and across the Southeast. Since the abandonment of
the rail, it has become an overgrown eyesore of little importance to the region.
With successful implementation of the first trail segment, this will no longer be
the case. South Georgia Rails to Trails, Inc. and the City of Albany have begun a
resurrection of this once busy transportation corridor for a completely different
purpose: a multi-use greenway trail for non-motorized travel. The rehabilitation
of this old rail bed into a trail system for recreation will increase the overall
health of the region, and will once again make this corridor a vibrant asset and
economic generator for the community.
The route utilizes the abandoned railroad from Sasser, Georgia to the Jefferson
Street overpass in the City of Albany, where the rail bed intersects with the
west side of the Norfolk Southern rail line. When the trail enters Dougherty
County, it crosses Slappey Blvd and the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.
This is a popular destination for trail users and an ideal location for a trailhead
at the edge of the existing parking lot. The trail continues along the rail corridor
towards Albany, running adjacent to several neighborhoods. Residents in these
neighborhoods will be able to access the trail by using existing sidewalks or
intersecting residential streets. The goal is to make a connection to the existing
Riverfront Trail along the Flint River. There are two viable and equally important
options to make this connection. The first option is to continue down the rail
corridor and build a pedestrian bridge over the active Norfolk Southern rail
lines allowing trail users to safely cross this obstacle. The trail will continue
along the abandoned corridor for a short distance before connecting directly
into the Riverfront Trail. The second option is to link this trail into the Albany
community by connecting to Tift Park and into downtown Albany.
Feedback from community meetings has shown that a strong connection to
Tift Park is desired by many Albany residents. This is a focal point for the
community and is a critical link for the Rail Trail corridor just a few blocks
north of the park. The design team believes the best way to make this connection
is to merge off the rail corridor at North Monroe Street on the east side, and
head south to Tift Park. This multi-use path will weave through city or county

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